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Onsite ticket sales at the Ticket Booth start at 7:00 PM and end at:
Thursdays - 11:00 PM
Fridays & Saturdays - 12:00 AM

Visit the Calendar page for more info.

Note: We stay open until everyone in line goes through the attractions!

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2017 Halloween/Fall Attraction Ticket Prices:

WARNING: This Haunted Attraction Is Intended to Scare You and is NOT recommended for Guests with Heart Conditions, Epilepsy or sensitivity to Strobe Lights; Pregnant or Expecting Mothers, or Guests with other Medical Conditions, Allergies to Fog, Latex, or other potential Allergens.

The Nightmare Factory features FIVE attractions for 2017

MAIN Attractions:

"The Factory" and "Psych Ward" attractions are connected together, cannot be separated, and must be purchased for a combined $15.

The "Psych Ward" uses intense strobe lights. You can substitute the "Psych Ward" for ONE SIDE SHOW Attraction. Please notify the Ticket Booth or Information Booth if you are unable to go through the "Psych Ward".
Attraction: Description:
"The Factory" A walk-through haunted house themed to the story of "Albert Knight's Factory." A turn-of-the-century industrial facility that manufactured a wide array of "questionable" products in the early 1900s. Burnt to the ground in 1923 by its tortured workers, "Albert Knight's Factory" became one American History's greatest cover-ups...(Must be purchased WITH the "Psych Ward")
"Psych Ward" Once you are back on the ground floor, your journey takes you through the twisted remains of Albert Knight's Psychiatric hospital... Featuring intense strobe lights, this is our most extreme attraction!
(Must be purchased WITH "The Factory")
Combined together for a $15 ticket.

SIDE SHOW Attractions:

Side Show attractions are $10 individually, or only $5 when purchased WITH the MAIN Attractions (See "Combo Deals" below).
Attraction: Price: Description:
"3D Fun House" $10.00 The remains of Albert Knight's Warehouse... when the fire destroyed the Factory, the chemicals stored in this area leaked out of the containers, leaving behind a "glowing" display of toxic liquids that appear in 3D with our special glasses.
$10.00 A multi-level, crawl-through attraction through the hidden crypts of Albert Knight's Mausoleum. All are laid to rest, but some never sleep...
(Must crawl-thru on hands and knees.)
Outdoor Attraction
$10.00 NEW for 2017!
The VIRUS has been unearthed from Albert Knight's old Factory... and the infection is spreading. Your group must survive as you travel through the abandoned excavation site.
(Outdoor Attraction - Subject to Weather Limitations)

Combo Deals:

MAIN Attractions
+ 1 SIDE SHOW Attraction

(Save $5 off individual pricing)
MAIN Attractions
+ 2 SIDE SHOW Attractions

(Save $10 off individual pricing)
ALL FIVE Attractions
("ALL ACCESS" Ticket)

(Save $15 off individual pricing)

to Ticket Purchase:

Add-On a VIP FAST PASS to your ticket purchase for "front-of-the-line" access!
Attraction: Price: Description:
"VIP FAST PASS" Add-On $30.00 per person

(ADD-ON to Attraction Ticket Purchase)
Includes "front-of-the-line" for purchased attraction(s)

Group Discount:

Group Discounts are available for groups of 10 or more tickets!
Group Discount

(Tickets must be purchased in a single transaction)
For 10+ tickets: Get $5 OFF each ticket!

All tickets should be for the same selection of attractions.

Large Group of 20+... please contact our Box Office at (252) 444-FEAR at least 24-48 hours in advance to arrange attendance.

*** Sales Tax of 6.75% will be added to ALL ticket purchases.

*** Coupons are available at our Sponsor locations.
The coupons are for $2 OFF any Combo Deal ticket purchases.
(Sponsor's rules for obtaining coupons may vary!)

More information on group rates and other pricing is available by calling the Nightmare Factory Haunted Attraction at (252) 444-FEAR.

Please note, all prices and availability are subject to change without notice. All sales are final! No refunds are available, however, unused tickets may be redeemed on any night we are open during the year the ticket was purchased. Tickets cannot be resold or exchanged. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.
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