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2015 Overnight - Summer Experience

Nightmare Factory Overnight 2015
NEW for 2015! This event will start on May 22, 2015 and operate Friday and Saturday nights throughout the summer. *There will be LESS THAN 30 Nights available for group reservation during the Summer Season!

Please check out the Calendar for available dates, or call us at (252) 444-FEAR.

Please check out the Tickets page for pricing, rules, and to purchase tickets online.

Summary: You and a group of your friends gain private access to the Nightmare Factory Complex in Havelock for your OVERNIGHT experience. Your mission is to complete a series of horrifying adventures with your team. Hunt for clues, Find your way through, and Survive the night!

  • WEAR OLD CLOTHES: You and your team will be subject to potentially disgusting/horrifying/filthy missions that you must complete during your OVERNIGHT stay. Wear something you don't mind getting dirty.

  • FREE ROAM: You start at MIDNIGHT and have 6 hours to complete the tasks at your own pace. In the beginning, your team is instructed on where you start and how to play the game. You will set up your "Team base" in the Mausoleum, and take turns INDIVIDUALLY entering into the Factory to complete a series of tasks that will grant your group access to a deeper part of the facility later on. Tasks will include finding a map without a flashlight in the basement of the Factory and recovering a canister from the Sewer, containing a key to a locked door... etc.

  • SAFE WORD: Your team will create a "Safe Word" for members to say (or scream) if they get too scared or do not wish to complete a task given to them. If your group is playing in "Free Roam Mode", the safe word will allow the person who said it to forfeit their turn, and prompt the next player in the group to try completing the task.

  • Compete in "COMPETITION MODE": Pick your group (and group name) to compete against other teams to become the "Champions of Summer 2015". Get the best time of the summer and win the HORRIFYING GRAND PRIZE. *With only 6 hours to complete all of the challenges, can your group get the best/shortest time of the season? You must adhere to more strict rules when competing. For Example: If ONE (1) of the members in your group says the "safe word" at anytime...your team loses. **Upon "losing", your group automatically switches into FREE ROAM MODE and you are allowed to finish the evening you reserved, but you are no longer eligible for the SUMMER CHAMPIONSHIP HORRIFYING GRAND PRIZE FOR BEST TEAM TIME!

  • When the "Grounds-keeper" gives your group the keys at the beginning of the night... He leaves you there... alone. It is up to your group to do all of the haunted missions alone - all by yourselves. The scariest part about it is, no one even knows you're there... and of course... are you really alone?

More info Coming Soon!!!

2015 Halloween Haunted Attractions

In 9 years of exploration, our team has unearthed many levels of Albert Knight’s hidden Factory, which was buried underneath the city in 1923 after a devastating fire.

Join us this Halloween season for an ALL NEW Nightmare as you journey even deeper into a part of American history that’s shrouded in darkness... the Nightmare Factory.

More info coming soon...

Attractions are OPEN September 18, 2015 thru November 7, 2015:
(More info on the Calendar)

Thursdays: 7pm - 11pm
Fridays & Saturdays: 7pm - 12am

End times are when the Ticket Booth stops selling tickets.
The attractions stay open until everyone in line with a ticket goes through!


"Rated PG-13 Hours":
From 7:00 PM until 10:00 PM, the "scare intensity" level of all attractions is "Rated PG-13" and recommended for ages 13+.

"Rated R Hours":
Each Night from 10:00 PM until we close, the "scare intensisty" level of all attractions is "Rated R" for the use of adult language and a more extreme experience.
Recommended for ages 18+
(We do not check IDs, and there is NO minimum age requirement, just a recommendation.)

HallowFest™ 2015

» HallowFest begins in 64 days, 20 hours, and 49 minutes. «

Don't miss the ninth annual HallowFest™.
Eastern NC's only Halloween Festival!

This year, we bring you even more FREE entertainment and fun for the whole family on Halloween!

This Fall festival takes place OUTSIDE of the Nightmare Factory on Friday, Oct. 30 & Saturday, Oct. 31, 2015.
Food & Drinks, Contests, Prizes, Giveaways, a Fortune Teller, Local Businesses, and more!

  • Daytime events for kids & families, Nighttime events for teens & adults, including Costume Contents for Cash & Prizes, and much, much, more!

  • Parents, bring your kids to trick-or-treat through our "FACTORY" attraction for a safe and friendly time on Friday and Saturday from 5pm-7pm. Participate in the KIDS Costume Contest starting at 7pm and win CASH and Prizes!
  • ALL 8 Nightmare Factory Haunted Attractions OPEN at 8:00 PM for PG-13 hours until 10:00 PM. (Scare level rated PG-13)
  • Starting at 10:00 PM... HallowFest turns Rated "R" (no age requirement, use of adult language and creatures CAN touch you!). All 8 Attractions are Rated "R" with ticket sales until MIDNIGHT (but we stay open until everyone with a ticket goes through!)

Wicked Superstores, Havelock, Jacksonville, NC

Forbidden Tattoo and Piercing, Jacksonville, NC

MacDaddy's in Cape Carteret, NC

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